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Women are a sensitive species, and it is with the care of an obstetrician that they are able to go through the complicated delivery process. With that said, the work of an obstetrician has already been defined; he is simply the type of a doctor who specializes in the care and health of women.

An Obstetrician can also act as a surgeon in times of labor and delivery. Remember that a woman takes 9 months to go through the pregnancy stages and these are complicated steps that need good care all along. During the pregnancy period, a pregnant woman is supposed to check in with the Obstetrician regularly and make sure that everything is going fine with the baby she is carrying and also with her own health. Remember that this is a sensitive stage and any slight alterations in the way the body functions can affect the baby she is carrying or even cause death. Regular tests are a good way to prevent this and these can only be performed by a trained Obstetrician.

Apart from caring for pregnant women, an obstetrician also helps during delivery process.

Delivering a baby can be a painful experience and it can lead to a lot of trauma to the mother if not taken good care of. Obstetricians make sure that this is done and that all babies are born healthy and that minimum damage is inflicted to the mother.

After the baby has been born, it is still the work of the healthcare professionals to make sure that the mother recovers from her injuries. This is called postpartum care. After the nine months of exhaustion and hard times carrying the baby, the mother is literally derived of all nutrients and after deliver the care that follows is very essential to her recovery to help get her back to normal.

But what really is the difference between obstetricians and gynecologists? Are they the same? The answer is simple, No! These are two totally different specialties. It is important to note that while a gynecologist is a type of a doctor specializing in the solely in the female reproductive system, an obstetrician's work is to handle and control the birth phase. This means that an obstetrician not only cares about the patient but also makes sure that the children are born healthy and that they proceed to feed and breathe well. His roles also include giving the necessary medication to children to ensure that they are immunized against diseases.

It is a questions that lingers in many peoples mind, if whether to be an obstetrician you have also to be a gynecologist. The answer is simple; an obstetrician is supposed to see and cater for the patient throughout the pregnancy phase and hence needs to have some knowledge in gynecology. Pregnancy is a sensitive period and there are many tests that should be carried out. Thus, an obstetrician should have the skills needed in this and also be able to understand well the female reproductive system. When the patients visit at the prenatal stages the obstetricians should examine to make sure that the baby is healthy and also diagnose possible problems and recommend cure.